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In a world where recording technologies are plagued by ghastly apparitions, their development was prematurely abandoned and they are now forgotten. Ravi Thakur, like most people, is not bothered with this. He is finally finished with a long and praiseworthy education, hoping to become one of the greatest literary figures ever!

But when his journey goes less predictably than he would like and he comes in contact with one of the accursed devices, he is unwittingly caught in revelations and dangers that will change his life…

Graphic designed by Adarsh Panicker.


A new chapter is added every Saturday other than the fifth in a month.

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Praise for Book 1:

‘An action packed fantasy set in a “what if” universe that’s both familiar and completely different to our own world!’

— Bidisha Basu, co-owner of Leaping Windows Comic Library

‘Ethereel is a fourth-wall breaking comedy set in an alternate age where technology is restricted due to supernatural phenomena. An absolute blast to read with a laugh guaranteed on every page!’

— Prateek Chakraborty

‘Very interesting, very Kafkaesque.’

— Kiran Manral, author

‘Ethereel kept me hooked until it was over… and I really want to know what happens next!’

— Vijay Sinha

‘Keeps you curious and on your toes!’

— Adarsh Panicker

‘The fourth-wall is broken right from the start, which sets it apart from usual story-lines.’

— Nayantara Deshpande

‘Ethereel opens you up to a whole new world. Kept me on the edge with all the plot twists. A must read!’

— Anushka Nair 

‘A quirky, fast-paced story with generous dollops of comedy, mystery… and paranormal activity!’

— Puja Rozario

‘A much needed whiff of humour and a great gateway to get back to my binge reading habits.’

— Reetam Majumder

‘Relatable characters that get annoyed in the most entertaining ways!’

— Amien Kapadia

‘Found the story so unpredictable, I didn’t want to put it down and finished it in one shot!’

— Jai Sonwalkar

‘This book has triggered in me again, the taste for reading fantasy thrillers set in our homeland.’

— Heramb Sukhathankar

‘Fast-paced, yet gripping; funny, yet eerie – a very unique story that leaves you wanting for more!’

— Madhu a.k.a. Dancing Kitteh

‘Absolutely loved it! Kept me hooked throughout! Can’t wait for the next one!’

— Shruti Ekawade

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